PLTD Logo - Bone Socks
PLTD Logo - Bone Socks

PLTD Logo - Bone Socks

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  • S/o to Mr. Socko
  • S/o to Lamb Chop
  • RIP to all the socks that we lost in the dryer
  • If you wear mismatching socks, you're a fuckin psycho
  • These socks are comfy as fuck - TERRY CLOTH BOTTOMS - that means you'll be walking on clouds
  • PLTD Socks will cause laziness, so if you're working from home good luck! 
  • PLTD jacquard logo
  • Important information below
  • You should buy the 3-pack bundle instead
  • Important information above
  • 80% Cotton 20% Cozy Vibes
  • Fits all sizes unless you're like a Mens 13
PLTD Logo - Bone Socks